Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Wet Wipes

Wet wipes (2 Thai models)
Wikimedia Commons by Mattes

The wet wipe or the folded tissue papers are available in different forms, like alcohol free wet wipes, wet wipes for sensitive skins, fragrance free wet wipes, wet wipes with baby oil etc.

The antibacterial wet wipes are used to clean the hands, because the use of towel or napkin or soap is usually difficult. These are used in public places where sometimes the hand washing becomes necessary. These are handy and easy to use.

The cleaning of hand is the best option to keep away from several contagious diseases. It is good for personal hygiene.

The baby wipes are suitable for the sensitive skins of the babies.

The cleansing wipes are used against infections and for family hygiene. 

The beauty wipes are the best for facial cleansing or the removal of dust, sweat etc from the face.