Sunday, 19 October 2014

How to Handle the Whimsical Child

Wikimedia Commons by Meco
The children left in care and custody of others, generally become whimsical and obstinate. Because the parents themselves pamper the child to compensate for their absence. The demands of the child whether reasonable or not are fulfilled. This makes the child obdurate and disobedient. All these things make the child moody and he knows how to exploit he emotions. 

The parents should devise the means to correct the behavior of the child, in order to make him a decent, calm and cool person. 

It is better not to get irritated with the child as he may imitate your behavior and get further spoiled.

Try to find the reason of his irritation as he may be trying to get your attention. In case of second reason spend some time with him.

If the reason is the reckless demand then teach him to behave properly.

Don’t fulfill the demands if he raises much storm, because it will encourage him to repeat the same thing.

Talk with the child, as the counseling will inspire him to behave properly.