Thursday, 18 June 2015

Chemical Mouthwash May Cause Cancer and Heart Problems

Sometimes as a consumer we use the products which could be very harmful for the health. These products may include mouthwash, detergents, tooth powders, insecticides etc. 
The bad odour of breath creates an embarrassing situation, but it does not mean that one should resort to the use of toxic mouthwash available in the market.
Wikimedia Commons by David Shankbone

In actual practice the chemicals used in mouthwash could be very dangerous for health. The excessive use of mouthwash could even cause cancer of the mouth. So instead of using the chemicals containing mouthwash, it is better to go for the home made products. The homemade mouthwash has no side effect and saves from the risks off mouth related problems. 

The Contents in Mouthwash
The people rarely know that the constituents of the mouthwash could be very harmful for the health as the user may swallow these toxic chemicals. The mouthwash generally contain chlorhexidine, gluconate, ethanol, majilis methyl salicylate etc.  These chemicals could be poisonous. These chemicals kill the dad odor causing bacteria in the mouth. These chemicals are highly saturated which affect outer coatings or membranes of the cell. The chemicals like ethanol and alcohol increase the chances of mouth cancer.  

Harmful for Heart
The use of mouthwash causes cancer and increases the risk of heart diseases. The regular use of mouthwash increases the risk of heart attack by 7%, stroke by 10% and the danger of blood pressure by 3.5 units. 

The chemicals in mouthwash kill the good bacteria with bad bacteria too.  

Homemade Mouthwash

It the problem of mouthwash persists then it is advisable to use homemade mouthwash instead of chemical ones. 

1. The use of peppermint mouthwash is a good option. The presence of antiseptic and menthol in it remove the swelling and pain in the mouth. It also gives relief in the problems related to teeth and gums. 

2. The gurgles of a mouthful of coconut oil is also a nice option of mouthwash. It will remove the bacteria and remove the bad odour too. 

3. In case of permanent problem of bad breath it is better to consult the physician.