Sunday, 19 October 2014

Past, Present and Future

Wikimedia Commons by Nicolas Raymond
During the times of great emotional stagnation or when the crisis suddenly befall on man like a lightening, the time and space cease to be what they actually are. At that time the present hardly exists because then there becomes an absence of feeling and sensation, which can separate the present from the dead past. This is a stage of nothingness. 

Aurobindo Ghosh, an Indian thinker has beautifully summed it up as, “the pure an virgin moment, that razor's edge of time and existence which divides the past from the future and is, and yet instantly is not.”

All the virgin moments lose their virginity in the harlotry of the past. The coming moments have a life span of a fraction of second, and then they get merged into the all pervading past. It proves the nothingness of the present. But the present is more important than past and future. It is a transition stage between the two. The present is like a river which goes on flowing.