Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sunny Leone Tops the List of Internet Searches in India

The data released by the search engine Google in the study entitled 'Year in Search 2014' revealed that Sunny Leone, the porn-star and the Hindi film actor of Indo-Canadian and American origin, was the most searched celebrity on the internet.
She surpassed Narinder Modi, the Indian Prime Minister in search popularity despite his aggressive digital campaign during the last general elections. It is true that Mr. Modi is the first politician in India who has got the second position in list of search popularity this year by leaving behind the celebrities of entertainment industry.   
Narinder Modi
Wikimedia Commons by Narendra Modi
Sunny Leone
Wikimedia Commons by J. Chang 
It is for the third successive year that Sunny Leone remained at the helm among the celebrities and was the most searched personality in India.
The sources of the leading internet search engine Google said that the biggest interests, major events and searches that ruled the web in India were as follows.

1. In 2014, Sunny Leone retained her position as the most searched personality on internet by leaving behind the traditional Bollywood favorites like Salaman Khan on the third position. Katrina Kaif got the fourth, Deepika Padukone fifth, Alia Bhatt sixth, Priyanka Chopra seventh, Sharukh Khan eighth and the glamorous Poonam Panday was on the ninth position in internet searches. 

2. The Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi came ahead ahead of all Bollywood stars except Sunny Leone and it was for the first time that a politician gained an edge in search popularity than those in entertainment industry.

3. Cricket got second position after Bollywood in internet searches. Virat Kohli was on the tenth position after Alia Bhatt in the list above Sachin Tendulkar, as the latter retained his popularity at eleventh position even after retirement.

4. In India the top five searches in the list of Google were the Elections 2014’, FIFA 2014, iPhone 6, GATE 2015 and IPL 2014 respectively. The 2014 Lok Sabha elections made a history for being the first digital elections in India in which the online presence greatly mattered.

5. The most searched movie on the web was the Bollywood thriller Ragini MMS 2.

6. The most popular tracks that topped the chart of internet search this year were the title track of Bang Bang’s and the ‘Blue eyes’ by Honey Singh.

7. There was an exponential increase in the number of Internet searches in 2014 both on desktops and smartphones.

8. A billion of new users in India joined the World Wide Web in 2014.This huge growth in internet search on mobile or hand held devices in 2014 was due to an increase in the sale of smartphone in India. 

9. The other favorite top searches on internet with handheld devices were the Railway enquirers, cricket news, online shopping, songs, film clips, weather and games. The downloads of wallpapers also formed a large part of internet searches.

Rajan Anandan, the Managing Director of Google India said that, these findings prove that the people are taking interest in national issues. The power of digital media and the unprecedented demand for information was proved by the internet searches of 2014 Lok Sabha elections. This trend reflects the growing digital emergence of India.

Sunny Leone thanked her fans for the achievement and said that success could not be measured by awards, but this news is priceless for her.