Sunday, 19 October 2014

Life is Too Short for Trifles

Portrait of Julius Caesar (oil on canvas). 
Based on bust of the ruler from the British Museum
Wikimedia Commons by Amadscientist
There is a saying that the brave die only once but the cowards die again and again. 

The people are generally afraid of death, because throughout their life they fail to live fully. The live in the webs of their anger, hatred, arrogance, hypocrisy, greed, sycophancy, cheating, falsehood, superstitions, infightings, egoism, cynicism, and all other things except living truly to themselves. 

They fail to appreciate the life, fail to love, and fail to have concern for all living and non living things. The live in their selfishness. 

During this time they complete the lifespan and the death comes knocking at the doors. 

Only the man like Julius Caesar can say, “Don’t stop me due to some superstition, that I am going to be killed, I am Caesar and I always try to be different, not like the people who live under the constant fear of dying”. 

So be true to yourself and spread the message that life is too short for trifles.