Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Changes in the Feet Herald Five Diseases

The symptoms of the diseases appear in the body and severe diseases occur if they are neglected or take lightly.
Swollen Feet
Wikimedia Commons by Donald Emmerich

These symptoms should be taken seriously in the very beginning. Our feet too tell us a lot about the health. The changes appearing in the feet should be watched closely as thy may be the precursors of some serious disease. 

The following changes should be reckoned seriously and the physician be consulted immediately.

1. The changes appearing in the feet may be related to diabetes, thyroid or some heart disease.

2. The dry and scaly feet are the symptoms of thyroid.

3. The injuries or the wounds on the body or the feet that do not heal are the symptoms of diabetes.

The excess sugar in blood damages the arteries and the blood circulation gets badly affected in the body.  The permanent pain in the toe signifies the excess amount of purine.

4.  The red strips on the toe indicate heart infection as it occurs when the breaking of the blood veins occurs.

5. There may be a risk of lung cancer, if the clumping or the widening and thickening of the toes from the tip end appear. It also shows the lung infection and the diseases of heart or intestines.