Sunday, 19 October 2014

Career- An Art of Right Choice

The career of each of us to himself or herself is a matter of most vivid interest; where every turn, every color, and every shade in life is acutely realized by the person who lives according to the dictates of conscience. It is nearly allied to matchmaking, with all the desires to express our personality in most appropriate and significant terms. 
Wikimedia Commons by Paoloarao

There is nothing which a man desires more fervently than his natural instincts to rule at least his own province in order to make his life more pleasurable and less penitent. 

The career of each of us provides certain opportunities to develop the creative faculties, and at the same time gives us a chance to alleviate the debt of gratitude, which we owe to the society in general. 

The career should open new vistas of knowledge and experience. One should work for the social and moral amelioration, because the ethos of age are highly uncongenial, due to doubt,disbelief, cultural chaos, social turmoil, communal hatred, political unrest and above all the lack of moral values.

Rising above petty issues, one should cultivate advanced thoughts with judicious balance between self- love and love for society, indeed cosmopolitan one. One should try to awaken the fellow beings from the slumber of ignorance, which indeed is not strength. We have to sustain and rejuvenate our crumbling credibilities against the winds of several doctrines. 

I don’t think that for the sake of experience, all the discreditable acts relating to ten Commandments are essential to be committed, before earning the wisdom.