Sunday, 3 June 2018

Aerobics Helps to Get Rid of Smoking and Drinking

It has been found in a research that an aerobics exercise helps to get rid of the habit of alcohol or of any type of intoxicating addiction. 
Wikimedia Commons by 
allen watkin

Aerobics also helps to keep diabetes, heart problem, joint pains at a bay.

Aerobics has been found to give maximum benefits to reduce the onslaught of the problems related to mental health like stress and depression.

The scientists of Bufflow University in Us have found that aerobics exercises affect the brain to get rid of any type of addiction.

A bigger group of muscles in the body includes the muscles of legs, thighs, and hips. Aerobics is performed from lower to middle intensity. The duration of aerobics is from a minimum 20 minutes or more.

Workouts like running, jogging, cycling, stair climbing, skipping, and aerobic classes are some of the few examples of aerobic exercises.  

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Vanilla: The Second Costliest Spice of the World.

After saffron, the vanilla is the costliest spice in the world. The chances are of it becoming more costly, as its production has declined this year in Madagascar, the largest vanilla producing country.  
Vanilla Flower and beans
Wikimedia Commons by H. Zell

Vanilla is used from edible products like ice cream, cake, biscuit, curd, and chocolate etc., to cosmetic products like perfumes, moisturizer, shampoos, and soaps. 

The prices of vanilla are increasing from 2014 onwards and now it is the second costliest spice of the world.

The 80% of the global demand of vanilla is fulfilled by Madagascar, but this year a storm completely destroyed the entire vanilla crop on this island country.

There are every possibility that the bourbon vanilla produced in Madagascar reunion and Comoro islands will become more costly.

Along with natural calamities the vanilla producers of Madagascar have to face several challenges. The biggest problem is that of premature plucking of vanilla. For the fear of theft, the farmers pluck the vanilla in the month of March, while the crop ripens in June.

Last year the price of vanilla was from Rupees 25,600 to 38,000 in Madagascar. But the demand for vanilla has not come down even after the drastic increase in its prices.

Last year the total export of vanilla from Madagascar was 1800 to 2000 tons.

Another reason for the escalation in the prices of vanilla is the increase in its demand.
In truth, the trends for the use of real vanilla has increased not only in America and Asia but also in Europe.  

Due to the increasing prices of vanilla, several countries India and Uganda are trying to hands at the farming of it.

But the prices of vanilla are not likely to come down even after its production in other countries, as the vines yield the fruits after four years.

New Cloth Fiber Will Generate Electricity

Recently the scientists have discovered a modern fiber which has the power to generate electricity when it is slightly bent or twisted. This flexible fiber is made of the nanotube. The size of these carbon grains is 10,000 times smaller than the human hair. This is capable of generating electricity from several natural sources. It generates energy by using the activities of sea waves and the small human movements.

It is has been named twistron yarn.

Carter Heinz, the chief author of an article published in “The Science Journal’ explains that one can imagine about “twistron harvester” as a fiber which generates electricity when it is pulled.

In this concept, the nanotube capability is used by the device to convert the spring-like movement into electrical energy. It could be used at several places.

In laboratory experiments, the fiber of a weight less than that of the fly was successful to generate electricity which could light a LED tube.

When attached to the shirt, this fiber was effectively generated sufficient energy to run a breathing sensor. The breathing sensor is used for the surveillance of the babies.

Prof. Ray Brown Texas University of Dallas, who was involved in this research, says that this fiber could be used in smart clothes connected to the internet. 

He said that the commercial world is very much interested in the manufacture of Electronic Clothes, but how such clothes would be energized.

Now the need of battery would come to an end when energy is generated by the movements of the man.

However, the most exclusive quality of the twistron fiber is its ability to work in the sea and to generate energy from the sea waves.

During an experiment conducted in South Korea, it was found that the fiber generated electricity with every sea wave when a small twistron was attached to a thing which could repeatedly sink and float.

Prof. Ray says that this technique could be used in future to build powerhouses in the sea. At that time this fiber would be able to generate electricity for the entire city.
At present this technique is very costly.    

At Paris, both the developed and the developing nations in Climate Agreement have sworn to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. Generally, these gases are produced when the fossil fuels are burnt. But the use of twistron fiber will drastically reduce or even end the dependability of man on fossil fuels. 

Monday, 28 May 2018

Continuous Sitting Causes Untimely Death

The risk of death is more among those who daily sit continuously for 1-2 hours. This risk is more as compared to those who sit for longer durations than 1-2 hours but are found to discontinue prolonged sitting by moving now and then.

A recent study has found that not only the entire duration of sitting but also the way of sitting matters in adverse effects on health.

The researchers found that those who sit continuously without any body movement for 1-2 hours are under greater risks of early deaths than those who sit for the equal or longer durations but are found to move in between.  

According to experts, the people feel that the only important thing is “How much time they spend sitting throughout the day”. Till now it was believed that the health effects are the same even if a person either sits for small intervals or for longer durations.

But in this new research, the scientists attached Activity Monitors to the hips of 7,985 people above 45 years and observed the sitting habits for several days.  

Out of these about 77% were found to be in the habit of sitting for longer durations and abstained from any type of physical activity for more than 12 hours.

After testing the sitting habits, they were further observed for 4 years in which the death of 340 people was reported.

The different sitting postures were evaluated. It was found that the untimely death risk was double among those who sat for more than 13 hours, out of which 1 to one and half hour sitting was without movement; as compared to those who sat for a little duration or those who moved between prolonged sittings.

It was also found the untimely death risks were the least among those who sat for less than half an hour every day.

So be careful to move the body by walking for few minutes, if you are also in a working condition which requires sitting for prolonged durations. This small habit will reduce the untimely death risks to half.

It is noteworthy that this is the most comprehensive research so far conducted on the ill effects of prolonged sitting on health.      

The weakening of Indian Rupee

After the advent of the era of globalization and new economic policies, the Indian Rupee is continuously losing its value. The exchange rate in 1990 was Rupees 17.5 per dollar. The Rupee never regained its strength in a decisive form and continuously went on declining.
Indian Rupee
Wikimedia Commons by  YVSREDDY
In the last three months, the value of Rupee declined from Rupees 64 to the present Rupees 67.3 per dollar.

Earlier the exchange rate of Indian Rupee vis-à-vis other currencies was decided by the Reserve Bank of India.

Bur after globalization, the free inflow of goods and services increased and the restrictions of Foreign Investment ended; the fixation of exchange rate came out of the control of RBI and went to the hands of the market.

The fixation of the exchange rate of Indian Rupee in terms of different currencies is now dependent on the powers of demand and supply of the market.

It is obvious that the restrictions of Imports and Exports have been waived off after globalization. Now there are no restraints like import duties and apparent bans; known as Quantitative Controls. The Foreign Investment can also come and go openly, and there are no effective restrictions on taking the foreign currency out of the country in the form of profits, royalties, interests, and dividends etc.

Therefore more foreign currency leaves India in the form of imports and incomes of FDI than that arrives in the country in the form of exports. So the imbalance in the demand and supply of Dollar is natural as our Imports are more than the Exports. If the deficiency in the supply of Dollar is not replenished from other sources, the value of rupee declines further.

It is a pleasant thing that a lot of Indians either work or live in foreign countries. They earn and send the foreign currencies to India, thereby increasing the supply of dollar/other currencies. Besides, the supply of foreign currencies also increases by clear foreign investment and portfolio investment; and the export of software, BPO and other services.  In this way, a balance between the demand and supply of Dollar is achieved.

The value of Rupee further declines, whenever the Foreign Investors take their money back or the cost of imports increase.

The cost of crude oil is increasing for the last so many days, which in turn is increasing the demand for Dollar. Secondly, the Portfolio investors have started sending their money back which could be termed the Exit of Portfolio investment. This process has also increased the demand for Dollar and the value of Rupee is declining.

The chief cause of the Exit o Portfolio Investors could be the increase in the interest rates in America, together with an effort of the US Govt. to attract the investors with tax relaxations.
Clearly there does not seem to be any weakness in the fundamental condition of Indian economy.

For instance, the GDP is increasing though not as expected, the manufacturing sector is good and inflation is almost under control.

There the weakness of Indian Rupee seems to be due to Global reasons. This thing becomes apparent due to the fact that value of several currencies of the World is also becoming weak and the plight of Indian Rupee is not an exception.

During the last three months, there appeared a great decline in the values of the currencies of BRICKS nations, with an exception of China where the devaluation was just 0.5%. In South Africa, it was 2.3%, India 4.4%, Brazil 7.0%, and Russia 5.3%. So India is lying in the middle.

Meaning of Devaluation of Rupee
The weakening of Indian Rupee is not a good sign for India. But the exporters become happy when the Rupee becomes weak as they get more Rupees for their exports. It is true that the weak Rupee gives a chance to India to bridge the business losses of the balance of trade. But the weak Rupee increases several other problems. The Imports become costlier and the inflation increases. The interest responsibility on the International loans taken by the business houses also increases in terms of Rupees. It is noteworthy that several Indian Companies have taken International loans due to the lesser rate of interest. They face deficits when the value of Rupee goes down.

The Indian public facing a jolt of increased petrol prices will face a double blow in the form of the decreasing value of Rupee.

How to Restore Rupee
It is true that it is not possible to stop the devaluation of Indian Rupee from the forces of the market. Because the control on the prices of crude oil, the policies of US Govt. to attract investors and the Exit of Portfolio Investment is not within the powers of India.

India could manage the fixation of the Exchange rates of Rupee.

The value of Rupee starts becoming strong, whenever the supply of Dollar increases due to the fresh arrival of FDI to India. But then the RBI purchases the Dollar to stop the increasing value of Rupee. But when the same investors take their money back from India, then the RBI does not interfere as before. As a result, the value of Rupee goes on decreasing. The ups and downs in the value of Rupee only benefit the stock marketers to a great extent.

Now it has become an established fact the FDI’s often bring and take back the money. So these activities should not be allowed to make or mar the value of Rupee.

A buffer stock is created to check the instability in the value of agricultural products like corn and pulses. Here an effort is made to check the devaluation of such products when their supply increases. So the Govt. purchases the produce, stores it, and then sells it when the demand increases. Thereby the prices are controlled.

The similar method could be adopted in the case of foreign currencies. The Govt. should purchase the Dollars brought by the FDI’s and keep them in a buffer stock; and issue the same when the FDI leaves the country. In this way, the ups and downs in the value of Rupee could be checked.

Another measure is to put a check on FDI’s. The Govt. could impose taxes to stop them from transferring their profits out of India. It is called Tobin tax in economics.

A minimum time limit in the form of lock-in period should be imposed on the FDI’s and the Exit of Portfolio investors, so that they may not take their money out of India every now and then. 

Friday, 20 April 2018

Conversion Table

A relation between the Old Revenue Measurements of Land and Metric Measures

1. Places where Bigha is 968 Square Yards and the Karam is 56 Inches

One Karam (56 Inches)                                        = 01.4224          Meters
One Biswansi (Square Karam)                             = 02.02322176  Square Meters
One Biswa (20 Biswansi)                                      = 40.4644352   Square Meters
One Bigha (20 Biswa or 968 Square Yards)         =809. 288704   Square Meters

2. Places where Ghumao is 3674 Square Yards and the Karam is 57.5 Inches

One Karam (57.5 Inches)                                      = 01.4605          Meters
One Sarsahi (Square Karam)                                = 02.13306025 Square Meters
One Marla (9 Sarsai)                                             = 19.19754225 Square Meters
One Kanal (20 Marla)                                            = 383.9508450 Square Meters
One Ghumao ( 8 Kanal or 3674 Square Yards)    = 3071.60676   Square Meters

3. Places where Ghumao is 4840 Square Yards and the Karam is 66 Inches

One Karam (66 Inches)                                       = 1.6764 Meters
One Sarsahi (Square Karam)                              = 02.810316960 Square Meters
One Marla (9 Sarsai)                                           = 25.292852640 Square Meters
One Kanal (20 Marla)                                          = 505.85705280 Square Meters
One Ghumao (8 Kanal or 3674 Square Yards)   = 4046.8564224 Square Meters

4. Hectare Measurements

One-Meter                                                      = 39.3701        Inches
One  Centare (One Square Meter)                = 1.19599        Square Yards
One Are (100 Centares)                                = 119.599        Square Yards
One Hectare (100 Ares)                                = 11959.90      Square Yards           
One Hectare                                                  = 12.3552686  Bighas   

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Aftermath of Nuclear Disaster in Belarus and Ukraine

Thirty years after the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl in the regions of Belarus and Ukraine are still reeling under the effects of severe radioactivity. 

The numbers of deer and wolves and other wild animals are increasing in the region but the human population is still absent the entire region.

A nuclear disaster occurred in a nuclear reactor in Ukraine on 26th April 1986, and the radioactivity engulfed a larger region of Europe. 

The area under radioactivity was equal to that of Luxemburg. About 100,000 people abandoned their homes and domestic animals to seek refuge in safer places. 

Belorussia too was the part of the affected region and the villages and the houses still emit the signals of radioactivity. 

Abandoned School at Ghost Town of Pripyat at
Northern Ukraine, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
            Wikimedia Commons by Adam Jones
Only the wild animals are found wandering freely in the forest regions of the area spreading in about 26,000 sq. Km.  

The man could not return to the region even if he does so after 24,000 years.

The effect of radioactivity on wild animals is a matter of research.
A special permit is needed to visit the area and that only for few days. A road leads to the place from Belarus.   

Secession of Indian Tribes- The Patthargarhi Movement

During the last one year several tribal areas in Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Chhattisgarh have declared their independence from India. This is locally known as Patthargarhi movement.
Army in the jungles of chattisarh
Wikimedia Commons by Janubforwiki

Patthatgarhi movement is inspired by some fake document and the wrong interpretation of the constitution of India. 

According to this misconception, it is believed that the tribal people are the real owners of the place where they are in majority.

In Jharkhand, this mutiny has taken the form of armed rebellion. In Madhya Pradesh and Orissa where this separatist crusade is still groping for strong footholds has taken the form of non-cooperative movement.  
It is not certain in which direction this agitation will go in the coming years. But in order to achieve the objective of Independence, the tribal people resist all efforts of suppression and are ready to do and die.

In these areas, the tribal are resorting to a large scale election boycott. They do not welcome the elected representatives in their areas and look disdainfully at the Government officials.

Patthargarhi and separatist movement are spreading among the tribal masses like a forest conflagration.

What is the Parrhargarhi Movement?

In Patthargarhi movement a special stone is placed at the outskirts of the village to declare the autonomy of the area. In this way, hundreds or probably thousands of villages have become autonomous zones. Some people call it a tribal corridor or Tribal Land, while the others term it Advasisthan. The placement of stones is a symbolic declaration that the Indian law is not applicable in the land.  

Self- Styled Local Autonomy
The local police and non-tribal are not allowed to enter the village. The newly formed tribal village committees are taking the Executive, Judicial and Legislative powers in their hands.
The matters from petty thefts to murder are being taken up and decided by the tribal village committees. These committees even run their own schools where the aims and objective of the movement are taught. These schools comprise of those children who are admitted who are forcibly taken out of the Government schools.   
Reasons behind the Movement

According to the tribal people no government has paid heed to their plight. They feel completely alienated from the mainstream. The politicians have forsaken them for the benefits of Industrialists. They say that they have become homeless and landless after industrialization and the construction of big hydroelectric dams. They were not provided adequate alternative sites to live and were not adequately compensated. The industries have swallowed their fertile agricultural lands, while the industries could have been established on the wastelands. They mourn that they are not getting anything from these flourishing industries. Due to these and several other reasons they find themselves abandoned and detached from the society, hence the movement.

Failure of Administration
The administration is at a fix that how this problem should be tackled.  The local police claim that this agitation and non-cooperation of the tribal people is a conspiracy of drug mafia so that they could motivate the tribal to cultivate poppy to extract opium and poppy seeds. The poppy crop will come in April and thereafter the situation would normalize.

But this claim of the police loses its appeal and authenticity, as there is no poppy cultivation in the districts in Sundergarh region of Orissa and the districts in Dindauri region of Madhya Pradesh.

But this problem needs long-term policies for the economic amelioration of the tribal people. Besides, the sincere efforts on the part of local and Union government are needed to build the confidence of the people in India and Indian Constitution.  

Saturday, 24 March 2018

High Taxed Petrol and Diesel Prices in India

The price of crude oil in the international market is $ 65 per barrel. This comes out to be Rs. 4154 per barrel. 
Petrol Pump
Wikimedia Commons by Abhijeet

A barrel contains 159 liters of oil. So the price of crude oil becomes Rs.26 per liter. 

After refinery charges, transportation expenses and entry taxes the price of petrol becomes Rs.33 and that of diesel becomes Rs 35. 

Then the Indian government increases the prices of petrol and diesel by imposing Rs. 19 and Rs. 15 as a production tax respectively. Now the price of petrol becomes Rs. 52 and that of diesel shoots up to Rs. 50. 

Adding the commission of the proprietor of petrol/diesel sales outlet the petrol and diesel price becomes Rs. 56 and Rs. 52 respectively. 

Then again the vat tax @ 27% and 16.75 % is added to petrol and diesel. Thereafter the prices of petrol and diesel start skyrocketing at Rs. 72 and Rs. 60 respectively. 

The addition of this tax concludes the process of fixing the final price of petrol and diesel in India. This comes out to be more than double the actual price.  

Monday, 19 March 2018

World Water Day

The General Assembly of United Nations decided to celebrate the World Water Day 22nd March 1996. This initiative to celebrate this day was taken at the meeting of UN Conference at Rio De Janeiro during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development UNCED.
A Fresh Water Rivulet

The first World Water Day was celebrated on 22nd March 1993 with an objective to spread awareness on “Water Conservation and Preservation”.

This is the day to take a resolution to save the water in order to become aware of the importance of water and to get warned about the conservation of water.

As per records, more than 1.5 billion (ARAB) people are not getting the clean drinking water throughout the world. Nature provides the life-giving water to the mankind in the form of the water cycle. The man is also a vital constituent of this cycle and it is the responsibility of every person to keep this cycle moving. Life will come to a grinding halt if this cycle stops.

As we cannot produce water, we have to return to the natural cycle the same amounts of water which we receive from it. So the water should not be wasted. The natural water resources should not be polluted.

So everyone should resolve not to waste water in any form on the World Water Day on 22nd March.
Water is life, as no life could be imagined without the presence of water. Everyone knows the importance of water, but we forget this fact and start wasting a lot of water while washing our face. We waste several liters of water to wash our car or ourselves by taking bath for longer durations.

Very few of us practice what we preach. And this is the reason that water scarcity has appeared before the entire world.

Earth has three fourth of the water on its surface, but 1% of it is the pure drinking water. This limited resource of drinking water has been overexploited. We have already polluted the rivers, rivulets, springs and underwater with chemicals, while the remaining pure water is being recklessly used. The people do not care to save the water.

We have to go for rain harvesting, where the houses should be built in such a way to store the rainwater, as it is one of the purest forms of water.       

Friday, 12 August 2016

Five Herbs for Chest Pain

The chest pain is a very common and serious problem. The chgest pain ios not only the symptom of heart problem or heart attack but it also heralds that the eating habits should be changed.
Herbs and Spices
Wikimedia Commons by erikorama

The excessive intake of food devoid of nutrients and full of fats may also be the cause of chest pain. But is is advisable to consult the physician. In the absence of heart attack try the following special foods to avoid the onslaught of chest pain. These food itema are full of several medicinal benefits for the body without any side effects.  

1. Garlic
The intake of ginger gives relief from several problems like chest pain, acidity, chronic pain, cough, phlegm etc. The intake of a fruit of garlic in the morning gives rleif from chest pain.

2. Turmeric
The turmeric has antifungal, antibacterial and antibiotic properties which help to cure several diseases. The intake of turmeric powder is advisable in case of any heart problem or chest pain. It is better to take turmeric in milk or in foods as a spice.   

3. Mulathi or Liquorice root
Is is slso known as Jethi-madh in Hindi and is the best herbal remdy for itching throat. It is sucked to get throat relief and to get benefits in digestive disorders. It is the chief constituent in several herbal medicines.

4. Basil
Basil keeps the heart healthy. The chewing of 5-6 leaves of basil in the morning replenishes the need of magnesium in the body. It regulates the proper circulation of blood in the body and heart. Basil is very helpful in cold and cough too.

5. Ginger
The ginger roots are very beneficial for different maladies like cold, flu, acidity, swelling, inflammation etc. Take ginger tea during chest pain to get immediate relief.

6. Pomegranate

The intake of pomegranate is also helpful in heart disorders. The regular intake of pomegranate gives relief in chest pain. 

Mobile phone Causes Cancer- American Research

After conducting the research for two and half years on the adverse effects of the radiations emanating from mobile phone, the Us Federal Agency has reached at surprising results.

It has been found that the occurrence of the tumors of brain and heart are related to mobile phones. The researchers subjected the rats to the radiations emanating from the mobile phone.
Mobile Phone
Wikimedia commons by Kgw5360

The American government has so far spent $3million on the ongoing research on the harmful effects of he radiations of mobile phone on the people. The first report of which has recently been published.

The scientists under National Texiccology Program brought the rats in contact with the radio frequencies of mobile phone. 
It was found that two types of tumours, one of brain and the other that of heart developed among the rats. 
No tumor developed among the rats kept away from these frequencies. The experiments were continuously conducted for two and half years.

The small rats were subjected to the frequencies 900 Mega Hertz, while the bigger ones were put under 1900 Mega Hertx. 

The research established that the people of all ages could get affected by radiations emanating from radio frequencies and these effects are worse.

The scientists claimed that this research related to the use of mobile phones and the cancer caused by the radiations is the biggest ever study conducted in the field. 

The researchers said that several people claim that the use of mobile phone has no effect on the health of the people. But the present research is the eye opener to all. 

The further research on male rats is still being conducrted to ascertain the changes appearing in the body after the occurrence of the tumor. It is being done to enable the companies manufacturing the CDMA and GSM to adjust the Radio Frequency Radiations (RFR) to optimum levels as the RFR could not be stopped. 

The risks of cancer are the maximum from the X- Rays and the radiations of mobile phones. After evaluating the repert, the government will seek the opinion of the people in 2017. Some of the results of the research would be published later. About 905 of the Americans use the mobile phones.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Health Benefits of Laughter

The pressure of modern hectic life has made us forget that when the last time we laughed. We wear a stoic expression which puts an extra strain on the facial muscles and increases the fine lines of wrinkles. 

The laughter is very important for health and it is an excellent exercise too. If a simple smile helps the photographer to take the best photograph, then it is certain that the permanent smile will make the whole life beautiful. Smile and laughter are very beneficial in social circles. 

A Laughing Women
Wikimedia Commons by Frantogian
Nobody likes the stressed, strained or depressed faces. Laughter has several health benefits as follows.

1. The blood circulation improves with laughter. It is the best exercise for the heart. Laughter reduces the risks of heart attack. A chemical named endorphin is released during laughing which strengthens the muscles of the heart. 

2. Several bacteria, virus and cancer cells get destroyed due to the presence of oxygen in the body. The laughter increases the intake of oxygen and improves the immune system too.

3. The laughter in the morning keeps us happy throughout the day.

4. The laughing before going to bed at night imparts sound sleep.

5. Certain hormones are released during laughing, which helps in arthritis, diabetes, backache, and stress.

6. Laughter gives positive energy.

7. It creates the cheerful atmosphere around us which results in higher efficiency and less stress. 

8.  It helps in obesity as about 400 to 500 calories are used during laughter.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Propaganda of Iconoclasts to Create Confusion about History

According to the facts, these three martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, were sentenced to death in 'Lahore conspiracy case'. They were sentenced to be hanged on 24th March 1931 by the British. But, the schedule was moved forward by 11 hours for fear of the crowds outside jail premises. So they were actually executed on 23rd March 1931 at 7:30 pm.

All three of them were the great revolutionaries, who sacrificed their young lives to make their motherland, free from the shackles of the British rule. They became so popular that they had become the symbol of the new awakening among the youth.

However, there has been a controversial and malicious campaign doing the rounds on social media, about the date of deaths of the three martyrs. 

On the social networking site Facebook, many people have mentioned the following erroneous notion that " Most of the people know that 14th Feb is celebrated as Valentine Day..........., but in the morning of 14th February 1931 these three legendary heroes were hanged at Lahore.

The valentine day or 14th February is not even the birthday of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru.

The people, philosophy, the political parties who had no contribution or presence in the making of the history of India, particularly the freedom moment are making fun of the history in their chauvinistic jingoism.  
It is an effort of extreme reactionaries, intolerant with others or even the Valentin,s Day which is celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine, who spread the message of love to all men and women.

The people of hatred will never tolerate love.or any feeling associated with it. It is the feeling of insecurity of the ignorant people unaware of that India which came out of all ancient and medieval upheavals in the history.  
When rumors are spread on such sensitive issues, then, it shows that we are not giving sufficient acknowledgment for the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters. 

Spreading misinformation about the date of their deaths is not only a mockery of their struggle but also a conspiracy to spread feelings of hatred, on a day that is meant to spread the love.  

The people should not get intolerant with the celebrations of Valentine Day in India. Let the love prevail all philosophies, including the religions and the religious sentiments.