Sunday, 19 October 2014

Criticisms and Appreciations

We all have an innate tendency to criticize, both in a cynicism and in applause. In other way this criticism is to critically evaluate the thing or the idea, but it is very easy to criticize than to appreciate. 
Wikimedia Commons by Lance
Cpl. Frederick J. Coleman

The criticism is often a negative and a pessimistic tendency, coming out of envy and jealousy, however good the intentions may be.

On the other hand the appreciation is an art, which in perfection reaches the level of aesthetic science. Because, the outcome of healthy interest in life is an art, or music, or poetry, or literature etc. 

These aspects are the outcomes of honest human endeavors. It needs hard work to communicate and enjoy all arts.

So the cynical criticism is a low level faculty than critical appreciation. There is a hairline like distinction between the two. The latter is not absolute, because it is again changing with times. 

Appreciation needs indifferent attitude, so that the personal feelings may not influence and it may not become cynicism. 

The factors of race, time, place, personality, consciousness etc., all influence the human faculties to justly evaluate anything.