Sunday, 19 October 2014

How to Clean the Washing Machine

The Washing Machine
Wikimedia Commons by Stilfehler
Sometimes the washing machine looks more dirty than the clothes.So it is necessary to keep it clean, because it becomes a fertile ground for the bacteria and germs. So here are the few rips to keep the washing machine clean and sparkling.

1. Clean the detergent box of the washing machine, as it is the breeding ground for the germs. Remove the box from the machine and clean it with the help of an old toothbrush and ordinary household cleanser.

2. Because of the dampness and the warmth, the filter is another hidden place for the bacteria. Open the filter and clean it.

3. The drum inside the washing machine contains several holes where the germs accumulate.So it is better to clean the drum every month by starting the empty machine. 

For this purpose use water at 60 degree temperature and put some soda crystals in it. This will kill the bacteria and germs. It will also remove the bad smell from the machine.

The Hand Driven Old Washing Machine
Wikimedia Commons by Julo

4. The bad smell can also be removed by keeping the lid of machine open after washing the clothes. 

This will allow the free passage of fresh air and the germs would not develop.

5. The choice of right detergent is also necessary. 

Don't use liquid soap, because the lather or foam of the soap remain embedded to the hidden places and the internal walls of the machine, which later cause foul smell.