Sunday, 19 October 2014

Increasing Population and Food Security in India

Wikimedia Commons by Bluemoose
The population explosion in India is continuously getting out of proportion. This increase in population is creating undue pressure on our resources. The population further rises, as and when we make an effort to fulfill the needs of present population, and the whole process becomes a shadow chasing.

The government instead of encouraging the family planning, is indifferent towards the whole issue, due to electoral compulsions. The politicians are worried only about next elections, and do not care to take interest in taking serious measures to control the population. The illiterate masses of India consider the child as a prospective worker, to start earning earlier.

Further the Food Security Act of India ensures free food-grains to the poor people, according to the number of family members. The larger families will get more food grains without any compulsion or condition to keep the family under check or go for family planning. 

The WTO had summoned the Commerce Minister of India, to explain the effect of free food grains distribution on international prices, as India has been accused of hoarding. This action is supposed to badly affect the production and the share of farmers. 

When the people will get free food, then who will work in the fields? The people getting the benefit are mostly the farm laborers. This may lead to decrease in production, which will cause inflation. The free food-grain scheme may also run a muck when the production will decrease.

The WHO has so far not taken any cognizance of this decision. They should impose the condition of fixed ration to a family unit of four based on the criteria of -we two our two- as per the family planning logo of India. They could impose sanctions on India for this decision, which is against global the interest and may lead to further increase population explosion.