Sunday, 19 October 2014

Silver- The Wonderful Metal.

Natural silver nugget
Wikimedia Commons by Jurii
Silver is generally used for making ornaments, utensils or decorative items. 

The silver was first of all discovered at Laudia, the capital of Eastern Asia Minor in 640 BC. It is very difficult and expensive to extract silver from the mines. It needs deep excavation and and modern tools to get the silver from the mines. About a troy ounce of pure silver is extracted from 1000 kilogram of raw silver.

Silver is weighed in troy ounce, and 32.15 troy ounce makes one kilogram. 

Silver is used in photography, solar power, medicines, space sciences etc. It is used in photographic plate, which is sensitive to sunlight. In medicines it is used as a foil on the dead tissues of skull. 

In space sciences it is used to make powerful batteries. These batteries make those machines function which supply oxygen to the astronauts. The discovery vehicles on alien planets also move with these batteries. The signals too get transmitted to earth with them.

Silver is used for defense against germs and bacteria in medicines.

Being rustproof it is used in electricity. It has helped in the improvement of computers, telephones, television, and other communication systems. it is used in solar cells and solar cookers. Silver is used in jet engines, nuclear reactors, explosive furnaces, rockets etc.