Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Oxygen Production at Mars

Wikimedia Commons by NASA Image
The NASA rover will start making oxygen at Mars in 2021. The rover will conduct seven scientific experiments, the purpose of which would be to find the way to send man on Mars, find the evidence of life and bring back the rock samples.

The equipment to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen is another objective of the mission. This oxygen would be helpful for life and return journey.

The rover will carry the equipment weighing 40 Kilogram including two cameras and weather tools.While making an announcement of Mars 2020 mission, the officials of NASA said that they are thrilled.

The cost of this one ton rover based on Curiosity rover of 2012 would be 1.9 billion dollars. But it would contain less equipment than Curiosity and the free space would be used for the rock samples. NASA hopes to bring them back on return journeys.

The present spaceships of NASA can also produce oxygen, but the new equipment would test this capability on Mars for the first time.