Sunday, 19 October 2014

Online Publishing

Wikimedia Commons by Hoblok
In earlier times it was very difficult for a writer to get his works published. He had either to bear the entire cost of publishing or just surrender and accept defeat. But now there is an option of online publishing on internet. Some writers have earned millions from online publishing by writing e-books. These books are cheaper and are easy to be published, copied distributed, purchased or sold.

This trend has revolutionized the world of publishing. The publishers too have benefited from it, Because now they have an option of getting the online feedback of the readers, instead of deciding themselves or seeking the opinion of few selected and paid readers. In this way they can successfully publish the e-books.

The online publishing is very easy. The writer can give an appropriate form of e-book to the creative work, and upload it on the gadgets meant for e-books. The popular gadgets are Amazon’s kindle, ipad of apple,and Sonny’s e-reader etc. These companies look after an unauthorized presentation, sale, and income etc. They charge a part of the income against the services provided by them. 

Every e-book cannot become an online bestseller. Because anyone can upload anything on internet, but the quality needs hard work and dedication, so that the people may buy and recommend the work with favorable comments.

In America the income from online publishing has reached millions of dollars, and is about one fifth of the market share.