Thursday, 5 February 2015

How to Remain Healthy in Office

The people spend about 8 to 10 hours in office and it may cost dearly if the health aspects in office are overlooked. Therefore certain measures should be adopted so that the office work and overall helth may not get affected.

1. Get up Early

Sitting in office for long hours
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Bill Branson

Working for late hours at night and then getting up late at night makes the life topsy- turvy. Make a routine and set the timings. Early rising gives enough time to get ready for the office without any hurry. Rushing to office puts the person under stress. Early rising also makes the people feel hungry, thereby giving an opportunity to take the breakfast. 

2. Never Avoid Breakfast
 It has been observed that the office going people generally avoid breakfast. It has been found in recent researches in US that the children taking their breakfast regularly were found to perform better and their mental decelopment was far better than those who went ot school without taking breakfast.
Similarly the office going adults would become more agile by following the routine of takin breakfast regularly. Breakfast is the important meal of the day and the people in hurry avoid it. As a result they take anything in the office, which will certainly be not better than something taken at home. Avoiding breakfast also increases the unwanted body weight.

3. Make the Work Interesting
It is always better to enjoy your work. Getting fed up with the daily office routine is natural. The beat course is to take interest in work and try to help someone out of routine daily. Help your colleagues and coworkers. Shun all arrogance and ill feelings as the negative feelings adversely affect the health.

4. Take Breaks at office

The people do not take any break in the office due to work pressure and remain glued to their seats for several hours at a stretch. The prolonged sitting adversely affects the health. Therefore do not remain stuck to the seat for more than an hour and take few strides to give relief to the body.

5. Take Light Exercises

Do not sit on a single chair in the office for longer hours. If you do not want to leave the seat, then simple stretching exercises could be performed without getting up from the chair. The stretching of hands and legs will alleviate stress and increase the blood circulation to different parts of the body.

6. Take Coffee

Earlier it was supposed that dark coffee is harmful to health. But it reduces the production of acid in stomach and icta as an antacid. So it is better to take a cup or two of dark coffee in the office.

7. Take care of Food
Take healthy snacks in order to satisfy the feeling of hunger during office hours. Avoid taking junk food and take home made snacks which are healthier, tastier and having no preservatives in them.