Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Amnesty International

The prisoners forced to produce oil.
The Andaman Cellular Jail- the shadiest part of British India.
 Now the National Memorial and tourist attraction at Port Blair.
Wikimedia Commons by Biswarup Ganguly 

It is a worldwide movement that is independent of any Government, political party, political ideology, economic interests, religious creed or regionalism. 

It seeks the release of political prisoners of conscience arrested because of their beliefs, ethnic origins, color, sex, language or religion, who have not advocated or used violence of any kind in words or deeds. 

It also seeks a free and fair trial for all political prisoners. Besides it opposes torture and death penalty.

The Amnesty International wants to ensure that no confessional statement given to the police under torture should be admitted as a evidence in the court of law, as guaranteed in Article 12 of UN declaration against torture.