Sunday, 19 October 2014

Can Relationships fulfill us or vice- versa?

In every relationship there is a mutual expectation of fulfillment of something. Whatever is done is aimed at some objective or some motive. In another way it implies that every human being is incomplete, and there is a constant urge for completion. 
Wikimedia Commons by Wizxmat

Everyone aims at completion at the cost of some relationship. It is often termed as destiny or the wish of god or internal conscience as said by Freud. But all are answerable to some reason. The actions are derived from necessities which in turn fulfill the desires. The relationship is in reality, to chase the desires.

Whenever the desires are not fulfilled, the relations become strained and lead to discord. Generally it happens due to confusion as the person does not know what he needs. The demand is often specific. It is better to make a list of expectations from relations. 

Think what you need from life or the persons close to you like love, importance, support, friendship, understanding, communication, attention, stability, pampering, help, finance, popularity, power etc. Find the specific thing and all the doubts would dissolve. 

Remember one can never give you all these things at the same time. You need different relations for each liking. Similarly we ourselves can never provide all these things to a single person. Because all these things have different meanings and are never equal to a single person.