Sunday, 19 October 2014

National Test Range at Balasore

Model of Agni and Prithvi at Chandipur, Balasore.
Wikimedia Commons by Ansuman
The national test range of India, is located at South Baliapal in Bihar and Bhograi on the east coast of Orissa, in the district of Balasore at Chandipur.

It is the launching pad for the long distance missiles and rockets. It is a test range for the newly developed missiles rockets and pilot-less aircraft.

More than 100,000 people residing in the area were sore with the installation and had formed an association to oppose the setting up of the test range.

The area is rich , fertile, and agriculturally prosperous. It is spread over 400 sq. Km. 
The crops grown in the area are rice, wheat, coconut, chilies, beetle,etc. there are more than 30,000 vineyards of beetle, which export beetle of crores of rupees to different parts of India.