Sunday, 19 October 2014

Life Means Capturing the Fine Moments

The moments come to be captured
Wikimedia Commons by Navicore
Let us suppose, somehow we come to know that we will die within a couple of days. Then what will be our reaction? We would be left to introspect and retrospect. Now we have got a final situation or a final moment or an ultimate destination up to which we will soon have to go. 

We will try to make the most of the time and would make sincere endeavors, to capture the last moments. It is true that all will not go for material pursuits. So herein lies the point, which I intend to bring home. That is, it is not the material but the emotional satisfaction, that matters the most, for the fulfillment of the self. 

There are certain things bestowed to us only once in life, and we spoil it by our ignorance and false ego. We get only one and the final chance, but we generally miss this rare situation. So don’t let the time fly as usual, rather try to make the most of it. 

Capture the fine moments of life with fine associations, as it will enrich us emotionally, or rather try to create the fine moments. Because life slips like a handful of sand.

If once this attitude is developed, it becomes a part of the “Will”. Then one can impart any color to these moments, to explore the deeper meanings of life- a life that opens new vistas and new horizons, with an uninterrupted flow of sympathetic consciousness.

The “Being” on the other hand is the integration of total self which is life. So an appeal to the sympathetic consciousness must be absolutely direct, as direct as music and dance. We must feel this conflict of “Will and Being”, not in our intellect but in our nerves as it actually is and not as we are. We should not oppress ourselves by constantly being watched by our own self, because it is due to our assertiveness and our frightened self- insistence that makes up the “Will”. While “Being” is the impulsiveness and true ego, rather than the consciousness of the ego.