Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Health Benefits of Laughter

The pressure of modern hectic life has made us forget that when the last time we laughed. We wear a stoic expression which puts an extra strain on the facial muscles and increases the fine lines of wrinkles. 

The laughter is very important for health and it is an excellent exercise too. If a simple smile helps the photographer to take the best photograph, then it is certain that the permanent smile will make the whole life beautiful. Smile and laughter are very beneficial in social circles. 

A Laughing Women
Wikimedia Commons by Frantogian
Nobody likes the stressed, strained or depressed faces. Laughter has several health benefits as follows.

1. The blood circulation improves with laughter. It is the best exercise for the heart. Laughter reduces the risks of heart attack. A chemical named endorphin is released during laughing which strengthens the muscles of the heart. 

2. Several bacteria, virus and cancer cells get destroyed due to the presence of oxygen in the body. The laughter increases the intake of oxygen and improves the immune system too.

3. The laughter in the morning keeps us happy throughout the day.

4. The laughing before going to bed at night imparts sound sleep.

5. Certain hormones are released during laughing, which helps in arthritis, diabetes, backache, and stress.

6. Laughter gives positive energy.

7. It creates the cheerful atmosphere around us which results in higher efficiency and less stress. 

8.  It helps in obesity as about 400 to 500 calories are used during laughter.