Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Propaganda of Iconoclasts to Create Confusion about History

According to the facts, these three martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, were sentenced to death in 'Lahore conspiracy case'. They were sentenced to be hanged on 24th March 1931 by the British. But, the schedule was moved forward by 11 hours for fear of the crowds outside jail premises. So they were actually executed on 23rd March 1931 at 7:30 pm.

All three of them were the great revolutionaries, who sacrificed their young lives to make their motherland, free from the shackles of the British rule. They became so popular that they had become the symbol of the new awakening among the youth.

However, there has been a controversial and malicious campaign doing the rounds on social media, about the date of deaths of the three martyrs. 

On the social networking site Facebook, many people have mentioned the following erroneous notion that " Most of the people know that 14th Feb is celebrated as Valentine Day..........., but in the morning of 14th February 1931 these three legendary heroes were hanged at Lahore.

The valentine day or 14th February is not even the birthday of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru.

The people, philosophy, the political parties who had no contribution or presence in the making of the history of India, particularly the freedom moment are making fun of the history in their chauvinistic jingoism.  
It is an effort of extreme reactionaries, intolerant with others or even the Valentin,s Day which is celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine, who spread the message of love to all men and women.

The people of hatred will never tolerate love.or any feeling associated with it. It is the feeling of insecurity of the ignorant people unaware of that India which came out of all ancient and medieval upheavals in the history.  
When rumors are spread on such sensitive issues, then, it shows that we are not giving sufficient acknowledgment for the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters. 

Spreading misinformation about the date of their deaths is not only a mockery of their struggle but also a conspiracy to spread feelings of hatred, on a day that is meant to spread the love.  

The people should not get intolerant with the celebrations of Valentine Day in India. Let the love prevail all philosophies, including the religions and the religious sentiments.