Friday, 12 August 2016

Mobile phone Causes Cancer- American Research

After conducting the research for two and half years on the adverse effects of the radiations emanating from mobile phone, the Us Federal Agency has reached at surprising results.

It has been found that the occurrence of the tumors of brain and heart are related to mobile phones. The researchers subjected the rats to the radiations emanating from the mobile phone.
Mobile Phone
Wikimedia commons by Kgw5360

The American government has so far spent $3million on the ongoing research on the harmful effects of he radiations of mobile phone on the people. The first report of which has recently been published.

The scientists under National Texiccology Program brought the rats in contact with the radio frequencies of mobile phone. 
It was found that two types of tumours, one of brain and the other that of heart developed among the rats. 
No tumor developed among the rats kept away from these frequencies. The experiments were continuously conducted for two and half years.

The small rats were subjected to the frequencies 900 Mega Hertz, while the bigger ones were put under 1900 Mega Hertx. 

The research established that the people of all ages could get affected by radiations emanating from radio frequencies and these effects are worse.

The scientists claimed that this research related to the use of mobile phones and the cancer caused by the radiations is the biggest ever study conducted in the field. 

The researchers said that several people claim that the use of mobile phone has no effect on the health of the people. But the present research is the eye opener to all. 

The further research on male rats is still being conducrted to ascertain the changes appearing in the body after the occurrence of the tumor. It is being done to enable the companies manufacturing the CDMA and GSM to adjust the Radio Frequency Radiations (RFR) to optimum levels as the RFR could not be stopped. 

The risks of cancer are the maximum from the X- Rays and the radiations of mobile phones. After evaluating the repert, the government will seek the opinion of the people in 2017. Some of the results of the research would be published later. About 905 of the Americans use the mobile phones.