Sunday, 19 June 2016

Carbon Dioxide Transformed into Rock- Remedy for Global Warming

In order to save the environment from the increasing amounts of carbon dioxide and greenhouse effect, the scientists have achieved a revolutionary feat. The researchers at Iceland have transformed the carbon dioxide into rocks to save the earth from global warming.
Sea lion in Punta Pitt, Ecuador
Wikimedia Commons by Diego Delso
This research named as Carbon Fix continued for two years at the Hellisheidi Geothermal power plant where carbon dioxide and water were mixed under the basalt rocks at the depth of 540 meters. 
This acidic mixture got mixed up with calcium and magnesium of the rocks which resulted into the formation of limestone.
In this way, according to Jurg Matter of the University of Manhattan, the carbon dioxide was permanently and naturally tapped. Matter is the lead author and related to the research.
It is hoped that the findings of the research would provide an effective weapon to fight against the global warming which is the creation of modern man.
Now carbon dioxide will not remain a gas for longer and would be converted into rocks. It was found in the research that about 95% of the carbon dioxide was captured and transformed into rocks. It happened faster than the previous estimates of the researchers. 

It was supposed that it would take thousands of years in the capturing and storage process of carbon dioxide. David Goldberg, the geophysicist of Columbia University has highly acclaimed this research  and experiment of Iceland.