Thursday, 9 June 2016

Fructose halts the Growth of Embryo

The pregnant women are often advised to be careful about diet.They are also advised to abstain from the intake of certain things.A new thing has recently been added to the list.

Human Embryo 
Wikimedia Commons by Gameboysex  
It has been found that the high levels of fructose halt the development of embryo. Fructose reduces the optimum levels of uric acid which causes adverse affects on placenta. Due to this situation the embryo fails to get a chance for proper development. This situation further leads to metabolic complications among the infants after the birth.
So it has been advised by the researchers that the levels of fructose during pregnancy should be tested, so that proper precautions could be taken. It is for the first time that the effects of fructose has come to limelight and the results have been verified. 

Foods Rich in Fructose
The sweetened beverages such as carbonated soft drinks, including white soda and lemon-lime soda, sports drinks etc., contain large quantities of added fructose.
All fruits contain fructose and all fruit juices and some vegetables, berries, honey, and cereal products are high in fructose levels.
The fructose is commonly used as a sweetener in snacks, soft drinks. The sweet foods like desserts, cakes, chocolate and other confectionery also contain fructose.

The malabsorption of fructose commonly causes the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome like abdominal pain, gas and changes in frequency and consistency of bowel movement. Restricting the intake of foods containing more than half of the sugar in the form of fructose, can improve these symptoms in at least 75 percent of people.