Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Memory Loss due to Excess Sugar Intake

It is a generally believed that the excessive intake of sugar causes obesity. But the recent researches have associated the intake of sugar with the damage to the cells of the brain which in turn leads to memory loss.
Sugars; clockwise from top left: 
White refined, unrefined, brown, unprocessed cane
Wikimedia Commons by Romain Behar
The Researchers at new South Vales University have found that the excessive consumption of sugar badly affects the brain and creates stress. The intake of about 50 grams or 10-12 spoons of sugar damage the brain cells which badly affects the functions of the brain and ultimately cause memory loss.
It is known that sweet drinks like lemon water and cola are damaging for the waist and the teeth. But the recent researches prove that sugar affects the part of the brain responsible for behavior and memory.
These conclusions were drawn after conducting experiments for a fortnight on three groups of mice. The members of the first group were kept in isolation for 9 days. The second one was given sugar, while the third group was kept free. It was found after a fortnight that the last group was healthier than the other two. The brain functions of other two groups were minutely studied and it was found to be badly damaged.
It was found that the excess intake of sugar affects the Neuron I gene which is responsible for the development of neurons. This development later on leads to the situation of depression, stress and mood swing.

The researchers have advised the people to take care of their eating habits and drastically change the lifestyle.