Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Benefits of Walking and Exercises

The regular exercises are necessary not only for the adults but for the children too. The modern children have become so busy that they do not get time for outdoor activity r physical exercises. It is better to spare some time for the exercises as it is very necessary for overall health. Everyone knows that exercises are necessary, but very few know why it is so.  It is necessary for health and other several things. A few of them are listed hereunder.
Walking is more beneficial
Wikimedia Commons by Hansueli Krapf

Beneficial for Sleep
Sleep is very necessary as it relaxes the body and helps in metabolism. The researches prove that there is a close relation between sleep and exercises. The recent studies came to the conclusion that those who perform regular exercises enjoy sound sleep and get up in the morning with more energy and freshness.

Reduces Stress
Stress affects the health in several ways. This stress could be of any form like exam stress, friends stress r the stress of the responsibilities of the family. The exercises and physical activities release the chemicals like dopamine, endorphin and serotonin from the body. These all are feel good hormones released from the brain and give the sense of high feel. These all are happy drugs which help in reducing of stress levels.

Mental and Physical Strength
The exercises not only give physical strength but also strengthen the mind. The workout is beneficial for both mind and body. Hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for memory and the exercises release a protein which makes the neurons of the mind healthy and strengthens the memory. As a result the brain becomes strong with increased memory.

For Body
The exercises give strength and energy not only to the body but also to the bones.  Regular exercises give strength to immune system and save the body from several diseases.

Gives More Energy
Exercises remove the tiredness and give energy. The body is like an energy producing machine. All physical activities increase the heart beats and more endrophines are released which as a result increases the levels of energy. It is like a solar panel for the body.

Increases Confidence
In addition to fitness and weight loss the exercises provide other things too. Some people remain dissatisfied with their body form and try to give different shape to their body through exercises. But it is health which is of prime importance. One can feel better about onself with exercises. It is type of an attitude which makes the person attractive.

Antioxidant Production
Exercises increase the production of antioxidants. The antioxidants are the chemicals which fight with the infections present in the body and improve the health. The feeling of strength and health inculcates the feeling of independence and happiness.  The exercises increase the self-confidence and gives sound sleep which leads to refreshing next morning.

                       The Benefits of Walking

On the other hand the walking is best for those who are unable to spend hours in workouts in gyms. A person may live longer, if he regularly walks for a time equal to that spent by another person in exercises. This practice will keep a person fit on one hand and provide longer life on other.

For Longevity
According to researches, it is not necessary to sweat for longer durations. A study conducted on more than 3000 people in the age group of 50-70 years revealed that, as compared to overactive and moderately active persons the death risk was 5% more among the inactive ones. An ultrasensitive track was built for the research and the persons were monitored for 8 years. It was found that a person lives longer, if he walks for the time as much as spent by another person in physical exercises.

So it was confirmed that walking or exercises for equal time provide similar benefits. The lifespan increase more by performing light physical works like walking, washing of dish and clothes, house cleaning etc., than by slothful living. 

The daily physical activity of half an hour gives better results. Everyone knows the benefits of walking and this is one of the forms of exercises. 
The barefoot walking on grassy lawn is very beneficial for health. It improves the vision too.

Benefits Heart Patients
The regular walk on grass keeps the heart healthy and fit. Do not think about how much time is to be spent on walking, rather focus on he benefits of it. Walking alleviates stress and removes the negativity. It provides energy and helps to save from several diseases.