Friday, 28 August 2015

How to stop Yawning

The yawning is a part of routine life. The people generally yawn once or twice in a day. It is believed that yawning occurs due to tiredness or sleep and one can get rid of it by taking a nap. But the experts believe that it is due to several physical and mental reasons.  The deficiency of oxygen may be the reason behind it. By knowing about these reasons one can get rid of yawning.
The Yawning Woaman while Ironiong
Wikimedia Commons by “The Yorck Project

The following things are helpful if one is disturbed with repeated yawning. Most of these tips are effective on majority of the people even if the reasons are different for different people or the situations are the same. These measures have been adopted by thousands of people with beneficial effects. Try these tips, if you are having the problem of yawning.

Avoid Boredom
Most of the times yawning occurs when the person gets bored. One starts yawning due to the loss in harmony with the work or the surrounding environment.  In such a situation it is better leave the seat or to take rest for awhile or get engaged in the activity of interest.

Drink Enough Water
The tiredness also causes yawning and the best way to get rid of it is to drink enough water. It will hydrate the body and refresh the person.  This is the easiest way to stop yawning.

Breathe Deeply
As has already been told that yawning occurs due to the deficiency of oxygen in the body and it is better to supply enough oxygen to the body. Take deep breaths as much as possible. Hold the breath for awhile and then exhale. It will provide enough oxygen to the body and the person will feel better. It is also an effective remedy to get rid of yawning.

Avoid Stress
Over work and reduced amount of sleep also cause yawning. Both these thing mentally disturb the person. So reduce the pressure of work and take enough sleep without the use of sleeping pills. Remember that you are a human being and not a machine.

Don’t Watch the Yawner
This is the mental reason behind the yawning of most of the people. Generally the people yawn when they watch another person doing the same. It begets like a reflex action. In such cases it would be better to stop watching the yawn of another person so that the desire of yawn could be suppressed.

Get the Diagnosis of Heart and Lungs

Most of the physicians believe that the yawning is related to the diseases of heart and lungs. Get yourself diagnosed for asthma or the problems related to lungs and heart.  This is also a symptom related to these diseases, otherwise the problem will aggravate.