Thursday, 27 August 2015

How to Avoid Backache at Workplace

Back ache is also known as dorsalgia and occurs and could be felt in muscles, nerves, bones, joints and spine. This pain is categorized into neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain or tail bone pain and the pain in the last edge of the spine.
Physical Exercises for Backache
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It becomes difficult to focus on work during back pain. Certain works as those related to construction, nursing or machine works etc., put extra pressure on the back. However the routine office work could also cause back pain.

Reasons for back pain at work place
Some of the following reasons cause the back pain at workplace.

1. Repetition
Repeating the same work again and again causes injury or tiredness to the muscles, especially when the body is pulled beyond the limit of speed or is put under strange postures.  These things cause back pain.

2. Power
The lifting of heavy objects needs extra power and causes injury to the muscles and bones.

3. Stress
The amount of stress increases on the back due to extra pressure. As a result the muscles get pulled and the problem of back ache aggravates.

4. Posture
The wrong postures put stress on the natural structure of the rings of spine due to which the tiredness occurs and surrounding muscles too get injured.

Tips to Avoid Backache at Workplace

1. Certain physical activities are necessary to to be performed on regular basis to alleviate the stress on the back. These include half an hour walk, swimming, exercises and the stretching of the muscles.

2. Sit erect

3. Keep the body in right position.

4. Take regular breaks by walking for few minutes and return to the working seat, if the work requires prolonged sitting at for place.

5. Sit down on the chair or stool for few minutes, if it is necessary to remain standing at work place for longer intervals.

6. Avoid unnecessary lifting of heavy objects and take the help of someone in joint lifting instead of an individual effort.

6. Pay attention to the natural structure of the joints while lifting heavy objects.

7. While lifting some heavy object, take proper position and adopt right posture by bringing the body close to the heavy object and use the knees. 

8. Avoid unnecessary bending of the body especially the back. 

Waist Pain

The waist pain will not occur if a morning walk of 2-3 miles is taken regularly at sunrise.