Friday, 28 August 2015

How to Quit Smoking

Those who wish to give up the habit of smoking, face many problems due to the presence of nicotine in tobacco. The addition of nicotine is so intense or severe that a person fails to give up the smoking.  

Smoking Woman
Wikimedia Commons by henribergius

No doubt, it is the willpower which helps to give up the smoking.
But certain foods and fruits remove the presence of nicotine in the blood. There are few home remedies for the cessation of smoking.
1. Garlic
Eat two raw fruits of garlic in the morning on an empty stomach. Take another two with lemon juice before lunch and two before dinner. It removes the presence of nicotine in blood and thereby neutralizes the urge of smoking.

2. Bananas
Another natural way to give up smoking is to eat enough bananas. The banana helps to neutralize the effects of nicotine addiction in the body.  The presence of vitamin B6 and B12 in banana acts against the effect of nicotine addiction. It helps to get rid of the habit of smoking within in a few days.

3. Green Cardamom
Always keep few fruits of green cardamom in the pocket and keep chewing one at a time. It stops the urge of smoking and cleans the blood from the presence of nicotine.

4.  Divert Attention
Another most important way to quit smoking is to divert the attention from the urge of lighting a cigarette. Every single thought keeps the mind occupied for a second or so. Therefore change the attention to something else and the urge will end till it resurfaces again.