Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Aliens on Machu Pichu

The ancient place of Machu Picchu is situated in Peru in South America and dates back to the civilization belonging to the pre Columbian times.

View of Sacred area and Central Square
from the top of Wayna Picchu
Wikimedia Commons By Colegota
 The place lies at the height of 2430 meters above sea level in the valley of Urubamba River. 

At a distance of 80 km from Kujko in North- West, the ruins of the city have become the center of attraction of the world. 

The archaeologists assign the date of 1430 AD to the ruined constructions of Machu Picchu

Historically it is also called the lost town of the Inca civilization. 
Machu Picchu, Peru
Wikimedia Commons by Mathias Ripp

It is said that the Spanish invaders destroyed the town in their greed for gold. The came here and looted the gold embellished temples and houses.

The great massacre occurred and the remaining people left the place after their defeat.

Mach Pichu is the ancient and the safest place located in the lonely surroundings of Urubamba valley. 

It is believed that the place was visited by the aliens and they still desend to the plece now and then. The strange structures of the place were discovered by a trader named Augusto Burns, but no one paid any heed to the place. 

Then after some time the American historian Hiram Bingham introduced the place to the entire world.
Masonry detail and view from a window of
Temple of Tree Windows
Wikimedia Commons by Colegota
It was declared an ancient temple in 1981 and was given the status of world heritage in 1983. 

The style of the construction is that of the ancient times of Incas in which the polished stones are used. 

The principal structure is that of Intihuatana or the Sun temple and the hall of three windows.

The astronomers believe that the ruins have powerful centers of energy, while the spiritualists find the pious energy in them. 

There is a belief that the internal vision of any sensitive person gets woken up and he gets the power to feel the virtual world, if he puts his forehead on any of the stones of the Sun temple. Such person could also know about the coming events in the future.
Houses in the Western Urban Sector. Sacred quarter.
Wikimedia Commons by Colegota

Here water came from the natural springs and the drainage system was very strong. The water was distributed for drinking and irrigation purpose in a perfect way in right measures. 

The stone joints were so strong that even a hair could not pass through them. The stones remind of the pyramids, as some of the stones here weigh about 50 tons. 

The presence of astrolabe proves that the movement and the nature of the stars were also closely studied here. 

The Sun temple was the chief center of determining the solar path and other solar activities. The huge constructions of the place would have needed the help of about 500 persons. 

There are about 140 buildings in the entire place.
Temple of Sun's Torreon
Wikimedia Commons by Colegota
The high quality technique proves that the place may not be built by the Incas. 

They dis not know about any script or language as such and were also unaware of the use of a wheel.

It is strange that how the huge structures were erected without the help of any tool. Were they helped by the aliens, as the buildings are made from the granite rocks which needs sharp tools to be cut into required shapes. 

The drainage System
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Alexson Scheppa Peisino

How the prefect water distribution system was developed and who were those skilled architects? 

Indeed there is a civilization in the distant Milky Way, about whom we do not know anything and who are more advanced in technique and are very ahead than us in every field.

Excellent Water System of Machu Picchu
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Alexson Scheppa Peisino
The recent researches prove that the aliens were used to come here to give direction to the development of the humanity. 

They still come here as in 2012, a tourist spotted a strange plane and made a film of it. 

It was made by joining two flying saucers in the center pole and looked like an antique piece. It was observed very closely. 

With some hard work, the landing place of the UFO’s could be discovered here.