Friday, 13 March 2015

Relaxing Exercises of hands while working on Computer

Due to the prolonged working on computer, while typing or controlling the computer mouse, a stiffness and numbness in the fingers and a pain in the hands may occur. This problem also appears on account of continuous writing.
The people working on computer for more than  eight hours a day become afflicted with several diseases including stress and depression.
Indeed the continuous staring of computer monitor is harmful for the eyes on one hand and the body on the other. The repeated blinking of the eyes and focusing on the objects at a distance of 20 feet gives relief to the eyes.

A Women Working on Computer
Photo Credit- Wikimedia Commons by Matthew Bowden
Here are some exercises for the hands and fingers.

1. Strongly clench the fist in the form of a ounch to alleviate the stiffnes of the fingers. First fold the thumb and then wrap the fingers around it. Keep the fist tight for 50-60 seconds and then relax the entire hand. Repeat the exercise 3 times after each hour or so. It will give relief from continuous stress and pain caused due to the handling of the computer mouse.

2. Put the fist straight on the table and stretch the fingers by putting little pressure on them. Keep the fingers in this stretched position for 50-60 seconds. Then relax the hand and repeat the exercise 3-4 times.

3. Expand the palm to relax the fingers. It ailleviate the stress on them and help them to work properly. 

4. Stretch both the hands and raise the palm in front of the face and turn the fingers inward from their joints while the palm should appear as if in half closed punch position. Keep the fingers in this tight position for 50- 60 seconds and then relax. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times.

5. A soft ball is available for stretching and for increasing the grip of the hand. Hold the ball in the fist and try to squeeze it. Remain in this position for 15-20 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times. Doing this exercisethrice a week, opens the joints of the fingers.

6. Put he palm on the table and raise first finger from the table without disturbing the other fingers. Repeat this exercise for few seconds with all the fingers one by one. It also gives flexibility to fingers and they become fit for prolonged work.

7. Tie the fingers with a loose rubber band and put the hand on the table. Then stretch the thumb as far as possible without moving the gingers. Keep the thumb in this position for 50-60 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times thrice a week to strengthen the thumb muscles and make them more flexible.