Friday, 27 March 2015

Dangers of Sleeping with Mobile Phone

A Young girl using a smart phone
Wikimedia Commons by Picture Youth
It is dangerous to sleep with mobile phone. Generally the people sleeping with the phone get up in the morning and do the first thing to check the updates of social sites, SMS, voice call and other things on the phone. There is no logic to sleep with iphone or android smartphone. You will not be able to sleep at night if you are made to sleep without the phone.

The sub-conscious mind always remains thinking about the phone and the person is not able to enjoy the sound sleep. If you suddenly get up at night and see the phone, then the eyes give the signal to the brain that the body should remain awake while the brain wants to make the body sleep. The mind does not get time for rest and as a result the amounts of toxins increase in the body and the person fails to enjoy the peaceful sleep.

Due to this there is a loss of focus during the daytime and the body remains tired and sluggish. A sleep of 9, 7 and 8 hours is necessary for the young, adult and the elder person respectively.

Day by day there will be a loss in intelligence due ti insufficient sleep. It will lead to obesity. The metabolism of the body changes due to decreased sleep habits and the body weight will start increasing.

The medical experts advise that the phone should be kept away from the person after 9 PM. Allow the body to work according to the internal clock system of the body. It means that the body should be allowed to sleep when it is time to do so.