Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to Cope With Stress in Office

The stress in workplace or office is not uncommon and it is increasing day by day. The chief reasons of stress are the new techniques which require more attention and time. However the short time stress makes the work interesting and inspires the person to work harder thereby giving the sense of fulfillment after the completion of the work.
The Company Office
Wikimedia Commons by Danny Choo 

But the experts are of the view that whenever the stress becomes more intense then it is necessary to check it. There are several reasons for the stress in workplace, but if ir is related to work then it is the responsibility of the incharge or colleagues to help the person cope with stress. 

The Reasons

1. The increased use of technology is the main reason of stress in workplace. In such cases the stress could be alleviated by exercises, nutritious food, relaxation techniques and proper sleep. These are very effective measures. 

2. The stress also appears due to misunderstanding between the challenge and the pressure of the work. 

3. It could be related with the nature of the colleague. Generally the working or the efficient or leadership qualities of some worker induce a sense of inferiority or inefficiency among other colleagues which is also the reason of stress. It is called second head stress. 

4. Some workers work very fast and it leads to stress among their subordinates. They start believing that the fast working is a criterion for expertise. Some fail to perform under the fast leader and become the victims of stress. It is a common psychology that no one wants to be labeled as a sluggish worker.  He starts running against his nature and the failure causes stress. 

The Remedies

Despite all the above factors the calm, ordered and well measured working is the parameter of expertise. Those who understand this generally become successful  and easily cope with the complex works. This attitude reduces the load of stress and complaints. 

The use of desk cycling helps to recharge and reactivate the body without leaving the office premises. It will save from the risks of diabetes and heart problems too.

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