Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The new data transfer world record to download 64,413 CD’s per second

             Wikimedia Commons by Jacarranza

A new record in data transfer has been set up by the researchers of Technical University of Denmark.  They successfully transferred the data of 43 terabytes per second through a single optical fiber.

It is equivalent to the data contained in 64,413 CD’s of 700 MB capacity each. 

A new kind of optical fiber to transfer 43 TB data through a single laser was used in a transmitter. The previous record of 32 TB was held by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

This worldwide competition for data transfer speed helps in the development of internet data transfer technology which is increasing at the rate of about 40% per year.

Another thing is that the carbon released through energy consumption by internet is about 2% of that of entire mankind. In this manner the internet is equivalent to the transport industry including aircraft and shipping. However other industries are not growing at the rate of 40%.  

So it becomes necessary to increase the bandwidth of the internet, in order to decrease the energy consumption.

Earlier the researchers have succeeded in combined data transfer at the rate of 1 petabyte or 1000 terabyte, but it was done with the help of hundreds of lasers.

The present success was achieved through a new optical fiber brought from NNT, a telecom company of Japan.