Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Global Warming and Malaria

Wikimedia Commons by Mike Edwards
The global warming causes the deadly diseases like malaria, dengue and cholera. The malaria causes the death of 64475 in the word when the temperature of earth rises just one degree Celsius.

The report in the conference on climate change at UN came to the conclusion that the activities of man directly or indirectly cause climate changes and some of the diseases are the outcome of this change.  

Malaria spreads faster due to increase in temperature and causes a global loss of more than 3 billion dollars. Malaria is spreading very fast in the developing countries. More than 109 countries are presently under the effect of malaria, out of which most of the nations are in Africa, Asia and South America.

In developing countries, the malnutrition is the principal cause of the spread of malaria.

According to the report of Lancet & University College London, the principal cause of global warming is fossil fuel. It is rapidly increasing the temperature of the earth due to release of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. These gases pollute the atmosphere and change the climate.