Tuesday, 5 August 2014

How to recall the sent mail in Gmail

Wikimedia Commons by Sasa Stefanovic
Sometimes it is realized after pressing the send button in Gmail that the mail should be recalled. It may be required due to spelling mistakes or pressing the send all button or any other reason to avoid embarrassment.

But there is an option in G mail account by which the sent mail could be recalled or unsent. Follow the following steps to activate the option in the G mail account.

1. Click on the gear or wheel icon  on G mail account page.

2. Click on setting in drop down menu.

3. Click on Labs.

4. Click on enable button in front of undo send.

5. Save the changes.

6. Then go back to the setting again.

7. Find undo send on General tab.

8. Select cancellation period up to 30 seconds.

9. Save the changes.

From now on the yellow dialogue indicating “Your message has been sent” will indicate Undo option.

Click on undo option to reopen the mail in unsent form in compose mail mode.
It could be edited or saved in draft or deleted.