Thursday, 26 November 2015

Non Veg and Veg Capsules

It is necessary to find out whether the capsules taken to get rid of several diseases and deficiencies, have veg or non-veg outer coating. Most of the capsules made in India are made from non vegetarian contents. The vegans have no option, but to take these non vegetarian capsules. Both the vegetarians and non vegetarians are eating the capsules made from gelatin.
Wikimedia Commons by W├╝rfel

In reality the outer coverings of most of the capsules are made from gelatin. This outer covering is made either from cellulose or gelatin. 

The capsules made from gelatin are called non vegetarian capsules. The gelatin is derived from the cells, skin and bones of animals. 

On the other hand the vegetarian capsules are made from plant cellulose.  Hence the capsules made from cellulose are called vegetarian capsules.
But in India all the capsules are made from gelatin.

Now the Chief Controller of Drugs in India has started making serious efforts so that he vegetarian capsules could be made available for the customer in India.  A committee has been formed to decide whether the capsule cover should be made from gelatin or cellulose. This Advisory Committee will also consider whether the cellulose cover could be included into the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission or not.

A committee of scientists had suggested to the Drug Controller of India, that the drug manufactures have to make the decision to manufacture the capsules either from cellulose or gelatin or both.

The Drug Controller of India will take necessary action after seeking the expert advise. Till then the Indian people have no option but to take non vegetarian capsules.