Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Common Diseases in summer

The risks of diseases increase in summer as they are related to our eating habits. Several infections spread in the environment due to the increase of humidity in summer. The best way to avoid diseases in summer is to take sufficient water as it will keep body hydrant and help to remove and flush out the toxic and poisonous substances from the body. 

For overall health and to avoid the illness, the knowledge of summer diseases and the ways to avoid them is very important.

1. Heat Stroke
On the sea-beach soaking the summer Sun
Wikimedia Commons by Shayantani Sarkar
The heat stroke is due to severe heat of summer. It is fatal and its symptoms include dizziness, nausea, sudden fall in blood pressure and high fever. To avoid heat stroke cover the head with cloth, wear loose clothes and drink enough water.

2. Chicken Pox
This disease spreads very fast in summer. It is very contagious and spreads by remaining in close contact with the afflicted person. The symptons include headache, fever, running nose and the appearance of granule like water containing spots on skin. A person gets afflicted with chicken pox only once in life.

3. Jaundice
It is also called hepatitis C and is caused due to a virus. It turns the nails and eyes of the patients pale. The color of urine also becomes pale. The disease spreads due to polluted water and infected food. Therefore proper cleanliness should be maintained in summer. The house and food should be kept.

4. Measles
This disease spreads through breathing due to paramyocso virus. This virus spreads very fast in summer.

The symptoms include small pimple like granules of skin, fever, cough, running nose and redness in eyes. The fever reaches to 104 degree farnheit,. The disease mostly occurs in children.