Monday, 11 May 2015

Why Hands and Feet Become Numb

Sometimes the hands and feet become so numb that we lose the sense of touch and do not feel anything. It is probable that some pain, weakness and stiffness may also appear on the numb parts of the body. The numbness of hand and feet is very painful as the person feels restless.

Human Hand
Wikimedia Commons by Kara98
The numbness of the limbs is a very common problem. There are several reasons for the numbness like continuous pressure on hands and feet, nervous injury, excessive tiredness, habit of smoking, diabetes, deficiency of vitamins or magnesium etc.
There is no need to worry, if the problem persists for few minutes, but it is necessary to consult the physician when the situation remains static for several hours. The prolonged numbness might be the cause of some bigger problem or serious disease.

Home Remedies
There are some home remedies by which the problem could be easily tackled.

Hot Water Bath
First of all put a warm water bottle on the affected area. It will increase the blood circulation and relax the muscles and nerves in the surrounding region. 
Another remedy is to soak a piece of cotton cloth in warm water and place it on the affected place. The hot water bath is another option if the person feels an urge for it.

Start massaging the affected regions as and when the numbness occurs. It will increase the blood circulation and help in removing the numbness. The massage of warm oil of olive, coconut or mustard will give relief in numbness and bring the limbs back to their normal state.

The exercises also increase the blood circulation and enhance the supply of oxygen to the body. The regular exercises of hands and feet for 10 – 15 minutes everyday. The routine of aerobics of half an hour for five days a week should be additionally performed.

Raise the Numb Limb Higher
The numbness generally occurs due to improper blood circulation. It is better to raise the numb part of the body higher to increase the blood flow to the affected parts so that they may function normally. It will help the numb hands or feet to become normal. The affected part could also be placed on a pillow.

The constituents in turmeric increase the blood circulation. It also alleviates the pain swelling and worries associated with the numbness of limbs. Cook a tablespoon of turmeric in a glass of milk and add some sugar to it. The intake of turmeric milk will give instant relief. The massage of the paste of turmeric prepared in water could also be done on the affected place.

The cinnamon contains chemicals and nutrients which increase the flow of blood to the numb limbs. Add a tablespoon each of the powder of cinnamon and honey to a glass of warm water and drink it every day in the morning.