Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What is Consciousness

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me was a bee
In our modern society, the people are out of touch with the native roots and are devoid of traditional wisdom. They consider it fashionable to make fun of the age old traditions as merely the figments of imagination.They have been programmed to believe in what they touch, taste, measure, hear and smell. Their motto is, "Only believe in what you see".

But when the man tries to understand something beyond the scope of material senses; beyond the measuring instruments, and the faculties of mental speculation or ratiocination, then there is only one alternative to approach the higher source of knowledge and wisdom which is metaphysics. 

The psychologists have described the three stages of consciousness. The first is the conscious, then the subconscious, and the unconscious. The first is what we see and do, the second is our memory into which all our actions are stored, while the third is the hidden and the mysterious. The dreams occur due to an interaction between the sub-conscious and the unconscious.

No scientist has successfully explained through laboratory explanations the mystery of consciousness or its destination after the destruction of the material body. The consciousness is an energy separate and distinct but superior to the matter composing the physical body. 

The man has infinite potential and his capabilities, which cannot be evaluated or explained by atoms, molecules and nucleons. Albert Einstein, the father of modern physics too admitted that the consciousness could not be adequately described in terms of the principles of physics in general and the science in particular.