Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Genesis of the Smile

The smile is an exquisite gift of God, and is liked by one and all. The smile induces and inspires others to smile in return. Besides being natural the smile could be artificial too. It is natural, when it springs from the core of the heart and is artificial, when it is just meant as a show off. 

The natural smile does not need any reason for it, as it signifies inner pleasure, while the artificial smile is always deceiving, both for the giver and the receiver.

So the natural smile should be practiced by cultivating an inner pleasure. 

When a person is in sad and in pensive mood, the smile disappears. If somehow a method is found to overcome this state, the life would become joyful. 

For this purpose a person should remember those happy moments of life, the thoughts of which may fill him with joy and effulgence. Remember the friends, the family members, the places, the things or the happier times spent, or the memory of some achievement in life, which may bring smile on your face.

As an another measure, intently look at your face in the mirror, just smile and see the difference. Thirdly, feel the expressions of your face deep in the heart and smile naturally.

Next, seek refuge in nature; go for a bath in a river or a lake; take morning or evening walks; watch the birds, flowers, insects etc ; enjoy the cool breeze and you will find the sadness fading away like a mist. Because nature never becomes sad, and the man is the blessed creation on this pretty earth. 

So do not get confined inside the room or the shell within you; do not get isolated; avoid becoming sad or getting disturbed; as these actions deprive a man from the natural smile and happiness. The value of smile could be judged by feeling the moments.