Friday, 17 October 2014

What are Pixels?

The zoomed section shows how image is made up of pixels. 
The individual pixels shown as small squares can easily be seen
Wikimedia Commons by ed g2s 
The digital pictures are made up of small parts. These pictures do not appear to be composed of fragments; rather they look complete in themselves. But on close observation it becomes clear that in reality the digital picture on screen is made of a collection of small spots called pixels.

The pixel scenes and matter together form a picture. But pixel is not a scale to measure the size of the picture in inches as is sometimes mentioned on camera pixels. 

The clarity of picture indeed depends on the number of pixels. The screen of computer monitor is made up of millions of pixels. The monitor has a depth in bit, which decides the number of colors that could be assimilated in its pixels. 

Every pixel acquires eight or the multiple of eight colors. If a pixel has 24 bits, then it can display the maximum of 1.6 million colors.

The pixel is considered to be the smallest unit of a picture, but in reality it is not so. The pixels are further made of small matter. A pixel in the computer monitor is made of three color points. These three points are red, green, and violet. These three colors could not be seen separately as they remain in mixed form in the pixel. 

The word megapixel is used in digital cameras and it is a bigger unit than pixel. The unit of megapixel improves the quality of camera pictures.