Friday, 17 October 2014

Internet Addiction

Wikimedia Commons by Xadai 
Not only the adults but the children too have got addicted to the reckless use of internet. As per researches, the children up to the age group of 12 years are the worst affected. They are found to spend more than 5 hours per day on the internet, by just sitting in front of computer screens, like dumb beasts. And this prolonged sitting is causing adverse effects on their mental and physical health. 

This addiction sometimes reaches the levels of insanity. It is not wrong to get the knowledge and information through internet, but this curiosity leading to addiction is dangerous.

The first victim of this addiction is the eyesight, which gets blurred, because the children continuously look at the screens. While it is advisable to look at some other thing after every 10 minutes, or to change the focus of the eyes, or to close the eyes for a while.

It also causes headache, backache, indigestion, sleeplessness, fatigue, stiffness in the neck leading to spondilitis, stress etc. The development of these symptoms in childhood is likely to cause severe problems in later life. 

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and the new generation instead of getting information are generally found to see what they like. They search only those things which suit their tastes, whims and thoughts. For them it is a game, and they may learn even those things which they should know in adult age.

There are very few children who take the help of internet for doing their homework. But there are the chances that such children may too get swayed. 

The lonely children of working parents are the worst affected. They get a friend or a guardian in the form of internet, but here the child has full control on them. 

The social networking sites are becoming more dangerous for the moral makeup of the children. They learn how to lie, how to be vulgar, how to distort facts and how to humiliate others by becoming self- oriented. They become obdurate, and whimsical; and develop an attitude of “I don’t care”, and “to hell with everything”.