Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Yoga Helped the Germans to Take Away the Football World Cup

                       Joachim Loave


Hard work and Yoga made Germany the world champions of football in 2014. The team regularly practiced yoga on the beachesPopularly known as Yogi, the German coach Joachim Loave says that the team would continue doing so in future too. 

After the victory in world cup, the news appeared that Loave was not interested to continue coaching the German team. But Loave himself refuted the news and said that at this time he could not think of any other work which is more better than the present assignment. 

He said that he would train the German team for 2016 Euro cup.It was in 2013 that Loave renewed his contract with DFB, the German Football Federation, till 2016.He said that the things change during the world cup and he needed some time to control his feelings and to make a future plans.

The Germand lovingly call this 54 years coach as Yogi Loave. He took charge in 2006, after the departure of Yugan Klansmen. Thereafter the German team reached in semifinals in 2010 world cup and became the champion in 2014.

The German team has won the world cup after 1990, but the team reached this summit due to the yogic efforts of Loave.  It is Patrick Brume, who teaches yoga to the German team. He had been the yoga coach of pop star Madonna. 

Brume is a psychologist too, and teaches the, life releasing yoga, which makes the body flexible. He has added several modern exercises with this yoga form. It was the former coach Klansman who introduced Brume. Earlier the move was opposed, but later Brume became a part of medical team. According to the team official Brume was appointed in order to develop the concentration of the team.  

During the present World cup, Brume trained the team on the sea shores of Brazil. He trained the team with yogic exercises, especially for waist, feet and legs.Brume says that yoga would remain a part of training even if some players had remained indifferent to it in the beginning. 

Yoga has become a part of life of some players. It is not compulsory for the players to take part in yoga. The communication Director Herold Stanger says that it is a matter of choice.

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