Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Ants Can Save Us from Global Warming

Wikimedia Commons by Guido Gerding
An ant can save us from global warming. A research has come to the conclusion that ever since their evolution about 65 million years ago, the ants have assimilated huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the environment.

The lifespan of an ant is about a year, but as their number increases, they cool down the environment.

According to Reynold Darn, a geologist in the Arizona State University, the ants are changing the environment. He found that some species of the ants take air from the minerals and convert it into limestone or calcium carbonate. 

During the process they take carbon dioxide from the air. The ants help in breaking of basalt rocks too. Darn says that, the ants can take out calcium and magnesium from the minerals and use it to make limestone.