Monday, 19 March 2018

World Water Day

The General Assembly of United Nations decided to celebrate the World Water Day 22nd March 1996. This initiative to celebrate this day was taken at the meeting of UN Conference at Rio De Janeiro during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development UNCED.
A Fresh Water Rivulet

The first World Water Day was celebrated on 22nd March 1993 with an objective to spread awareness on “Water Conservation and Preservation”.

This is the day to take a resolution to save the water in order to become aware of the importance of water and to get warned about the conservation of water.

As per records, more than 1.5 billion (ARAB) people are not getting the clean drinking water throughout the world. Nature provides the life-giving water to the mankind in the form of the water cycle. The man is also a vital constituent of this cycle and it is the responsibility of every person to keep this cycle moving. Life will come to a grinding halt if this cycle stops.

As we cannot produce water, we have to return to the natural cycle the same amounts of water which we receive from it. So the water should not be wasted. The natural water resources should not be polluted.

So everyone should resolve not to waste water in any form on the World Water Day on 22nd March.
Water is life, as no life could be imagined without the presence of water. Everyone knows the importance of water, but we forget this fact and start wasting a lot of water while washing our face. We waste several liters of water to wash our car or ourselves by taking bath for longer durations.

Very few of us practice what we preach. And this is the reason that water scarcity has appeared before the entire world.

Earth has three fourth of the water on its surface, but 1% of it is the pure drinking water. This limited resource of drinking water has been overexploited. We have already polluted the rivers, rivulets, springs and underwater with chemicals, while the remaining pure water is being recklessly used. The people do not care to save the water.

We have to go for rain harvesting, where the houses should be built in such a way to store the rainwater, as it is one of the purest forms of water.