Friday, 3 July 2015

Infections and Immunity

The changing season in summer affects the immune system of the body. The body becomes unable to fight against infections and diseases when the immune system becomes weak. As a result, we become ill again and again.
The immune system will get strengthened and fight against infections if we take care of certain things.
Fresh cut fruits and vegetables
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Peggy Greb

Symptoms of Infections
The dangers of viral and allergic infections increase in summer. The general fever, cold, cough, and flu of any type are the symptoms associated with seasonal changes of cold in mornings and evenings and the heat during the day. The problems like viral fever, bronchitisdiarrhea, respiratory problems, and sore throat are common in this season.  The children, aged people, and pregnant women need special care as they generally become afflicted with these problems.

What to Eat
It is better to take sufficient amount of liquid diet like buttermilk, fruit or vegetable juice in this season. Liquid diet removes the toxic substances from the body. Take the nutritious diet and avoid junk food. Also, avoid the intake of cold things. Add whole grain, green vegetables and pulses and lentils in sufficient amount to the regular diet.
Take care to add enzymes, vitamins, and minerals to diet chart. Take care to eat wheat, barley, corn or maize like items. Don’t forget to eat salad with meals. Take lemon, orange and Indian gooseberry too.  

What to Do?

1. Take sufficient amount of water as it activates and helps in proper functioning of kidneys which remove the toxins from the body.

2. The complete and balanced diet including fruits, vegetables whole grains and other nutritious foods strengthen the immune system.   

3. The vegetables like broccoli, Brussels, cabbage etc fight against cancer cells and boost the immune system of the body.

4. The proper cleanliness of the surrounding atmosphere is also necessary to give strength to the immune system as the risk of infections increase in dirt and filth.

5. Properly clean the vegetables and fruits before use.

6. Make it a habit to thoroughly clean the hands before eating anything.

7. Always keep the clothes clean. The harmful germs breed in dirty clothes.

8. Avoid the stress of all types as it disturbs the digestive system which weakens the immune system as a result.

9. Regular exercises and yoga keep the person mentally and physically healthy.

10. Excess fats in the diet also weaken the immune system, but right fats are necessary to build the immunity.

11. Zinc is such a mineral which increases the antibodies, t cells and white blood corpuscles in the body which further boosts the immune system. The zinc deficiency exposes the body to the attacks from bacteria, virus, and parasite.

12. Obesity hampers the proper functioning of the immune system and the chances of infection increase. Therefore it is advisable to decrease the weight in order to strengthen the immune system.

13. The minimum sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain.

14. Take care of physical fitness. The body constantly comes in contact with dangerous virus and bacteria which weaken the immune system and cause illness and disease. So the defense system by strengthening the immunity is very necessary. The best way to increase the immunity is nutritious diet and regular exercises.

15. The intake of colored and green vegetables including fruits proportionately increases the immune system.