Sunday, 19 October 2014

Poetry- The Contents

It is said that the poetry is the spontaneous outpouring of powerful emotions.

It gives expression to the inner feelings. Wordsworth said that, poetry gives pleasure when the emotion is recollected in tranquility.
 Wikimedia Commons by Timothyagrey

The wit, emotion, imagination and the motif are the contents of poetry.

Poetry starts with aesthetic sense and any object could be used as a motif. The imagination activates the feeling of greater imagination called fantasy. Then begins the chain of imagination which is linked to imagination. 

The language is an important tool of poetry. It should be effective and exact with appropriate words. Because the words have their own associations, and while reading the poem these associations are evoked which give deeper meaning and an aesthetic pleasure. 

Poetry as a genre of literature is indeed the transformation of best thought in best words.